Environmental Commitment

Marathon Protectors reconditioning process is a fully automated, self-contained loop system. This process ensures us the capabilities to capture all contaminants removed from the protector. The waste stream is removed directly from the tanks, which eliminates storage drums and holding tanks. The waste fluids generated are non-hazardous and are recycled through a licensed generator facility.

We consider all protectors a recyclable product and take steps to regrind non-recyclable plastic protectors into reusable plastic pellets. Rejected metal protectors are shredded and recycled into steel products.

In order to preserve the earth's natural state, over the past several years the oil and gas industry has taken great strides in protecting our environment. We at Marathon Protectors have also made significant changes in our operation, in order to help protect our precious resources.

We invite you to visit our location. I am sure you will agree that Marathon Protectors and Supply, Inc. is dedicated to protecting our environment.